Below are samples of my Hand-painted Murals.
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This banquet room, a long, narrow space, was difficult for the owners to rent, until I painted this mural. I carried the black and white tile from the bar into the terrace. The concept was to create a scene so that customers could feel that after dinner, they could take a walk in the moonlight. On our honeymoon I experienced an incredible sunset. The terrace in this mural has that sunset from the Eolie Islands in Sicily.

Created with 4 panels, each 6 x 10, all painted on canvas. Here's a closeup of panel 1.

The panels were divided by pillars faux-finished in a granite texture to match the bar counter. The capitols were silver-leafed.

This project was a collaboration between me and my husband Gino. Gino installed all the woodwork.

Additional albums of my Hand-painted Murals: