Below are samples of my Trompe L'Oeil.
To see more examples, click on the links to the albums below.

Hand-Painted Desk

In Flight

John's Rose

Client was a physician. Faux-painting on desk & chair, with trompe l'oeil stethoscope, pen and notepad.
The customers breed Ring-Necked pheasants and asked me to paint a pheasant, wren, and ring-necked pheasant on their son's bathroom walls.
Hand-painted climbing rose over faux-wash ceiling.


The Nursery



Mural at Fanny's Restaurant, Buffalo, NY. Four panels were hand-painted in my studio, and then installed on-site.
Lilac tree hand-painted on canvas.
Walls were faux-painted to simulate the interior of a modern day castle.

Faux-Portoro Fireplace Surround

Antique Greek Revival fireplace was restored and faux-painted in a faux Portoro marble.
Poplar wood pillar, hand-painted in a faux Portoro finish.
A rough sketch in watercolor pencils of my horse, Prince.

Gabriela's Wisteria Bathroom

Spice Delight

Whimsical wisteria and butterflies were hand-paintd over a soft sage wash on the walls.
Antique tin spice box was restored and hand-painted with a dutch tile design.
I painted flowers in a window on the walls of my breakfast room, so that I can be surrounded by the outdoors all year long!