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Parade of Homes 2000



Parade of Homes 2009

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Faux-Tortoishell Hand-painted on Canvas

Randy and Rosylyn's Dining Room



Hand-painted grape ivy border. From "The Sicilian Princess Collection."

Tuscan Ceiling was faux-painted. The center medallion was hand-painted on canvas. The ceiling molding and center medallion was hand-painted in a faux-oxidized copper finish

Faux-Tortoiseshell Hand-Painted on Canvas- Tuscan Sunset hand-painted on Ceiling and Faux-leather on Walls

The Nursery

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Up Up and Away

Blue Jay with lilac, hand-painted on canvas.
Custom hand-painted herbal themed canvas in kitchen.
Walls were hand painted in a beautiful sunset theme. I painted the hot air balloons on canvas, and then installed it.

Hand-Painted Border


Beautiful Bedroom


Grape Ivy Border


Parade of Homes
Walls in dining room were faux-painted, and the panels are made of hand-painted canvas.
Hand-painted faux block finish, with primula and moss. This canvas is part of my "Primavera Collection."

Grape Ivy border hand-painted on canvas. From the

"Vino D'Amore Collection."


Hand-painted Grape Border on Canvas

Faux-Block Home - Magic!

Austin's Room

Hand-painted faux block on canvas, from the

"Mediterraneo Collection."

Hand-painted plaid design on canvas, from the

"Oh Boy! Collection."

Girly - Girly Room






Randy & Rosylyn's Dining Room


Hand-painted canvas. "Rosebud" from the "Oh Girl! Collection."
Faux marble slab, hand-painted on canvas.
Faux leather finish, hand-painted on canvas.





Bottlebrush On Canvas in Kitchen



Faux stone finish, hand painted on canvas.

Hand painted on canvas. Faux-block with Secily (my chicken) and Scarlet (my mom's beautiful climbing rose).

This customer loves the bottlebrush flower and commissioned me to design a border for his kitchen on canvas.

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